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Wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows windows are available in many sizes and shapes. The six main types of windows include double or single-hung windows, sliding windows, picture windows, casement windows, awning windows and hopper windows. Each of these six types of 
windows can be manufactured with various configurations and interior glass packages. 
Fixed Window (Picture Window)
A fixed window has no operational functionality. The window pane does not open to provide ventilation. This type of window is popular in rooms with large walls that do not require egress or ventilation and above other windows (commonly known as transom windows). The fixed window can be manufactured with a radius top arch and in square, rectangle, triangle and trapezoid shapes. 
Sliding Window (Horizontal Slider)
A sliding window can have a single operational sash or double operational sashes. The single operational sash, known as a single slider, can be chosen with a left or right sliding sash. Sliding windows are some of the most affordable types of windows because they are easier to manufacture and require less hardware for the windows to operate.
Single or Double Hung Window 
A single or double hung window is also know as a vertical sliding window. The sashes move up and down in the frame. A single hung window as one operational lower sash while the double hung window has operational lower and upper sashes. The double hung window is the most popular of all window types. The upper sash is good for ventilation of trapped heated air within the home.  
Awning Window 
An awning window has a top hinged operational sash. The sash is usually operated by a cranking type hardware. These windows are good for rooms where light and ventilation is required, but egress is not a consideration. An awning window works well in laundry rooms and basements.
Casement Window 
The casement window has an operating sash that pivots on the left or right side of the window frame. The sash operates with a cranking type hardware. The casement window allows for a more modern design as well as a larger glass surface without the center mullion found on a single or double hung window. Exterior space and clearance should be considered with this window type. A multi-locking point sash for the casement window provides additional security and a more uniform weather seal when closed. 
Hopper Window 
A hopper window has an operational sash that pivots on the bottom of the frame. The hopper window tilts inside the home manually, without the use of cranking type hardware. This type of window is normally only practical for basements or small area that require light and ventilation, but no egress (means of personal exit). 
Insulating Glass Unit (IG)
The insulating glass unit, or IG as it is commonly known, is the glass assembly of the modern energy efficient window. This glass unit is installed inside the sash of a window to provide light to the interior of a building. The IG has two main components: the glass itself and the spacer that separates the panes of glass.The IG is manufactured today with state-of-the-art technologies for retaining heat in the home while blocking harmful UV sun light. Solar heat gain and U-factor information can be found on our efficiency page.
The glass used in today's energy efficient window is available in several thickness and options. The standard glass is 1/8" thick and can be manufactured with low-E coatings to block UV light, tempered for safety and laminated for added safety (similar to an automobile's windshield). Glass obscurity is available now with various types of glass patterns for privacy.The glass can also have various tinting options applied for areas with lots of direct sunlight. 

The spacer is the component of an efficient window that binds, seals and provides the space between panes of glass in the IG. The aluminum open-end box frame spacer is the most commonly used spacer for IGs. A new technology now exists, known as a super spacer. The super spacer is manufactured from modern foam or composite materials. The benefits of this systems are improved thermal resistance, superior flexibility for expansion and contraction (significantly reduces seal failures) and added noise reduction.
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